Budding Angels

The Budding Angels group is the youngest youth program of the St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church community. Its members are children who are newborn up to three years old. The group meets once a month providing lots of opportunities for fun activities depending on the holiday season. Meetings usually take place at either parks(mainly during the summer) or at the Educational Center at our beautiful church. The mission of our group is not only to introduce church fellowship to our children but also to preserve the Greek Orthodox traditions using a fun educational way. Parents also benefit by joining our social circle- parenting can be challenging but it is always easier when you can share concerns with others. Events information is sent via monthly e-mails. Therefore, if you are interested to join us, please make sure you contact the group leaders so that we can add you to our distribution list. We will be more than happy to welcome you in our Budding Angels family!

Anelia Ordoulidis and Pamela Luna De Kanterakis