Letter from St. Katherine Office

(From and email sent to the St. Katherine's Community dated 03/27/2020)

Dear Saint Katherine Family,

As you are probably aware, the church office is closed and I have very limited abilities to transact church business.  Including communicating with you all in a timely manner.  I will try to gain access to my incoming email so I can answer your questions as they come in.

I did want to remind you that we will be starting the Friday evening services of the Presanctified Liturgy at 6PM followed immediately by the Salutations Service at 7PM both will be streamed live from the St. Katherine Facebook page at: 

There is no need to have a Facebook account of your own to view these live streaming videos.  Ignore the log-in screen and simply click on the "Videos" link.  You can view the currently streaming video as well as view the archive of recent services. Google Chrome and FireFox web browsers seem to work best.

Have a blessed evening a good weekend and week ahead.

Tom A. Bouras
Office Manager


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