Prepare-Enrich Family Ministry

Mission & Values

Our mission is to equip individuals, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships.  We Value:

  • Service - Our passion to inspire, empower and support you
  • Quality - Prioritizing professionalism and attention to individual needs and challenges
  • Partnership - Embracing opportunities to collaborate and to make long- term changes
  • Teamwork - Working toward health and strength in our individual lives, in our current families and for the best of our future generations
  • Spirituality- Learning to improve the quality of your life by integrating ancient Orthodox resources

We offer:

1. Prepare/Enrich: Building strong marriages: premarital and marital counseling

2. Parenting Seminars: Preparation for parenting, Stages in parenting, Parenting young adults

3. Stress Prevention and Management

4. Forgiveness Seminars

5. Orthodox Spirituality

6. Prayer and Meditation

Stay tuned for our next Family Ministry series events.

This series is presented by our very own Corina Gheorghiu, LMFT, Life Coach.

For general information on the Prepare/Enrich program visit:

For more information and suggestions please contact Corina @ 310.259.4214 or email: [email protected]

For enrollment in the Prepare (premarital), Enrich (marital) counseling and Parenting coaching, please contact Corina directly.