Philoptochos is the philanthropic organization of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. Here at Saint Katherine, we are an integral part of our parish. In addition, we participate in philanthropic projects locally, nationally and globally. Our work is only possible through the support of our members. Please join us! Our goal is for all members of our parish to also be Philoptochos members.


Freely you have received, freely give.  (Matthew 10:8)

Established in 1931 by the late Ecumenical Patriarch, Athenagoras I, and greatly expanded by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, Philoptochos Societies are an important part of Greek Orthodox parishes everywhere.  Philoptochos functions at the local, diocesan, national, and international level.  The largest organization of Greek Orthodox women, Philoptochos supports many charities while spiritually enriching its members through their participation in its work. 

The word Philoptochos means “friend of the poor.”  Who are the poor?  Those who are poor in financial and material resources, yes, but also, those who are poor in spirit, poor in health, poor in companionship, poor in emotional stability, and poor in whatever is needed to lead a fulfilling life.


    1. Women of the Orthodox Faith of at least 18 years of age are eligible for full membership in the Organization.

    2. Men are eligible for Associate Membership if they are Orthodox or married to an Orthodox woman. We encourage all men at St. Katherine to join!


Your active and/or financial support enables the Philoptochos Society to be effective as a contributor to charitable organizations and to assist in fulfilling the needs of the parish.  The greater the support, the greater the potential of Philoptochos to fulfill and expand its ministries. 

Even if you are unable to give of your time and talent, your financial commitment is beneficial and most appreciated.

Our goal is to have every woman of the parish be a member of Philoptochos. The benevolent works of Philoptochos are a continuation of Christ’s ministry on earth.  We have an opportunity, through our participation in the ministries and programs of Philoptochos, to return to God a portion of the time, talents, and resources with which He has gifted us.


St. Katherine Philoptochos
Board 2023-2025


Executive Officers

Carolyn Crossley - President
Elaine Wade - 1st Vice President
Georgene Mitsanas - 2nd Vice President
Mary Beth Riblett - Treasure
Andrea Ballas - Assistant Treasurer
Angie Bazos - Recording Secretary
Stella Schiewe - Corresponding Secretary
Stella Zogopoulos Demis - Advisor

Board Members

Patricia Aronis
Anna Gianoukakis

Rosalind Halikis
Olympia Harris
Stephanie Hubbard

Katerina Zarkas Marutsos
Cecelia Peters

Mary Peters
Gloria Pieros

Maria Polson
Cathy Stevens
Evelyn Tragus
Alexandra Zarkas

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