Altar Boys

Altar Boys (Acolytes): The role of the altar boy remains a genuine and vital one in the “eucharistic assembly” of the faithful, as well as in other services. He stands ready to serve God in whichever capacity he is called upon. It is a stewardship of young men; a service that they offer to God as their regular Sunday offering of talent and ability.

Purpose/Mission Statement: To serve God and His Church in the Holy Altar faithfully and reverently. Also to assist the clergy in all the church services and to grow in one’s own faith with an Orthodox Christian commitment.

Time Commitment: Altar boys serve every Sunday as well as Holy Week, Pascha and major feast days of the Church.

Membership: Young Greek Orthodox men from six years of age through eighteen years of age (i.e. grades 1-12).

Activities: Altar boys learn the meaning and order of each Divine Liturgy through repetitive participation in those services. Through their love-offering of service during the Holy Liturgy of the Church, they fulfill a sacred and indispensable role in the liturgical life of the Church. Because of their sacred duties, they are distinguished from the rest of the faithful by wearing the familiar altar-boy robe (sticharion). Altar boy duties include, first and foremost attentiveness and prayer at the services, secondly to participate in all processions and entrances, and thirdly to ensure that a state of preparedness is maintained for all that may be needed during and after the Divine Liturgy.