Byzantine Music School

Byzantine music is an ancient form of music that is mainly chanted in Church during Services. Concomitantly, it is the basis of Greek folklore music like Tsamikos, Kalamatianos, Syrtos etc. Byzantine is the closest to the melodies that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and most of the saints used to listen to. Its disciplined structure promotes the uplifting of our spirits, supports the focus on praying and helps in achieving inner peace. Therefore, it is recommended not only for musicians and chanters, but also for the faithful that need a blessed method to meditate and experience the presence of God in their hearts.
Join the program, become a Byzantine Master and be able to:
a) Chant in both languages, Hellenistic Greek and Modern English
b) Read Byzantine music in both archaic nuances and western pentagram
c) Learn the typikon (the order) for all kinds of liturgical services, Vesper, Orthros, Liturgy as well as mysteries like Baptism, Wedding, etc. and discover amazing ways to offer prayers in different times of the day, week, month and seasons…  
Lessons take place every Tuesday through May, 2020.
Admission Fee of $125 to be made at “St Katherine Greek Orthodox Church”
For sign up and information please call Yannis Angouras at 310-947-9652