Special Announcement from the St. Katherine By-Laws Committee

Letter from St. Katherine Office

Dear St. Katherine Family,

Christos Anesti!

Today has been a stunningly beautiful day. Hope you all had a nearby window from which to enjoy the quality of today’s light… joyful and resplendent!

Lots of interesting news in the bulletin and (as usual) a variety of flyers (See below). Including something for the college crowd, the YAL Summer Retreat in the Spring!

Please note that the print deadline for the Festival Ad Book is less than two weeks way, please get your ad book orders and festival ingredient sponsorships in as soon as possible.

We send out our warmest name day greetings to all of you who will celebrate in the coming 7 days. Chronia Polla! (Many Years!)

Sat  5/18 – Julian/Julia(Julie)
Sun  5/19 – Magdalene/Markella & Patrick/Patricia
Tue  5/21 – Constantine (Gus, Kosta, Dino/Tino, Kostadina, Tina/Dina, Connie) & Helen (Eleni, Elaine, Nitsa)

Wishing you a blessed weekend and week ahead.

With the help of the office volunteers,

Tom A. Bouras
Office Manager


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Daughters Movie Night - May 30, 2019
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Orthodox Christian Women's Book Club

Announcement: St. Katherine By-Laws Committee

Parish council is proposing to change the Parish Bylaws.

Summary of Proposed Changes to St. Katherine Parish Bylaws

  1. Corrected name of Archdiocese.
  2. Updated references to Archdiocese Uniform Parish Regulations (UPR) throughout the by-laws.
  3. Clarified definitions of “Member”, “Good Standing” and “Financial Obligations”.
  4. Replaced references to the “Fair Share Pledge System” with the “Stewardship system”.
  5. Per direction from the Metropolis, changed definition of a Parish Assembly quorum from fifty (50) members in good standing to 10% of all eligible stewards.
  6. Added requirement to hold at least two assemblies each year and some additional information on how the assemblies shall be conducted.
  7. Changed the limit on how many consecutive years the President and Treasurer may hold their office (was four years and unlimited, respectively), becoming four years each, but may be waived by the Council if necessary for up to six years, and longer with Metropolis approval.
  8. Clarified the role and responsibilities of the Stewardship Committee and the Board of Elections in the election of Parish Council members.
  9. Collected Parish Council duties from throughout the original by-laws into one section for clarity.
  10. Added Council duties to:
    a. publish agenda for a Parish Assembly to church membership before the assembly
    b. two signatures on all checks
    c. perform biennial process self-certification
  11. Renamed Committees according to current usage, such as “Stewardship Committee” vs. “Membership Committee”.
  12. Clarified relationship between the various committees and the Parish Council.
  13. Added definition of a heretofore undefined committee – “Greek Festival Committee”.
  14. Per direction from Archdiocese, incorporated their Youth Protection Policies Manual into these parish by-laws.