Greek Orthodox Youth of America


Based upon the Four Circles of Youth Ministry - Faith, Fellowship, Service, Witness - Sr. Goyans participate in activities throughout the year to support one another and the needs of our local community.


GOYA Volleyball Tournament:

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for coming out to the Goya volleyball tournament on Saturday, 5/11! Our high schoolers had two teams place #1 and #4, and our two middle school teams also placed #1 and #4 in their division!  We are very happy with how we did and are hyped that we got 1st in both school pools! Thank you all for showing up to the practices and we hope you all had a ton of fun! Until next year!

- Aidan & Eleanna 


Sr. Goyans serve at the candle stand alongside Parish Council members once a month.


Contact: Sr. GOYA Youth Advisor
Julie Makrygiannis
(310) 373-1278

Sr. GOYA Board 2018-2019 

Presidents:  Daniels Crawford, Barbra Lyons, George Gianoukakis, Koko Makrygiannis

Vice Presidents:  Eleni Korakis, Alex Tsiboukas

VP Communications:  Alexis Symons

VP Community Service:  Sophia Korakis, Tia Pappas

VP Hospitality:  George Furgis, Peter Furgis